Product – RaCBio

Key factor of RaCBio

  • Converts all cellulose and hemi-cellulose typically all material that can be eaten by a ruminant animal, food waste related material (grass, maze, corn, organic municipal waste garden and landscape waste and fesses). no need for manures of high-quality feedstock
  • Produce sulphur free Bio-methane 
  • Very short retention time due to selection and rapped conversion process
  • Produce protein rich slurry that can be used as an animal feed 
  • Process water is a nutrient rich 100% organic liquid fertilizer containing phosphor, potassium, calcium and magnesium
  • Technology is containerised thus simplifying transportation and operations
  • Completely off-grid self-sufficient plant
  • Plant is movable from feedstock to feedstock increasing production cycle
  • Plant is modular and variable different size of generators can be connected in hybrid configuration producing biogas and electricity
  • No permanent structure or fixed asset – total flexibility and security of ownership