RaCBio Energy and Price List

Energy output biogas production volumes

Based on comprehensive lab tests conducted at Hannover University, German 2013 to 16.  It was found that for each 1ton on “dry cellulose and hemi-cellulose material +- 400 m3 of biogas can be produced.  Based on these verified figure the following outputs can be achieved from our standers plants.

Table 1 Production table based on reactor sizeNote: Basic system cost excludes gas storage or generator (CHP) but is a freestanding operational plant with feeding and operating systems.

Hybrid system 

The concept of a hybrid system is that a portion of the bio-methane is converted to electricity via the use of CHP (combine heat and power) generator and a portion is used as gas.

The “raw biogas” can easily be applied in applications ranging from cooking gas, boiler fuel or even transportation fuel.  As transportation fuel simple conversion is required for storing the gas in a pressurised tank and “feeding system” supplying the gas to the motor/ engine.  The pressurised tank is needed as biogas has a large volume and compressing it increase the capacity of the tank and thus the “reach” eg. km/tank when using it as fuel in trucks, cars, bakkies and tractors.